Long, long ago, in a place we now call Israel, there lived a rabbit named Ezekiel Bunny. One spring day, Ezekiel Bunny was nibbling on a blade of grass. He was sad because the birds would not sing for him. His luck had been very bad lately.

    Ezekiel Bunny poked Flower Plant with his nose.  
    "Flower Plant, why does the sun stay behind the clouds; and why do you hide your blooms from me? What have I done to make you angry?"

    Flower Plant stretched its leaves to the sky. "It is a sad day," Flower Plant answered.
    "Why so?" asked Ezekiel Bunny.
    "Ask Robin Bird," said Flower Plant. "Now go away. I am sleepy and I do not have time for all your questions."
    With that, Flower Plant slumped to the ground.

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How The Easter Bunny Got His Tale
        by Linda L. Rigsbee
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