Ezekiel Bunny hopped down the bunny trail to the nest of Mother hen.

    "Mother Hen," Ezekiel Bunny asked. "Why does the sun stay behind the clouds? Why do the flowers hide their blooms from me; and why are the birds silent? What have I done to make them angry?"

    Mother Hen ruffled her feathers. "It is a sad day," she said.

    "Why so?" asked Ezekiel Bunny.

    Mother Hen stood and looked at her big white eggs. "My eggs will not hatch."

    "Is that why the sun stays behind the clouds? Is that why the flowers hide their blooms, and the birds will not sing for me?"

    Mother Hen sighed. "No, silly bunny. The sun does not shine, the flowers do not bloom and the birds are silent because they are all sad. It is a sad day because Jesus is gone."

    Ezekiel Bunny stood on his hind legs and looked over the top of the grass. "Where did he go? I have not seen him on the trail for a while."

    Mother hen sighed again. "His father took him away from us."

    "Why so?" asked Ezekiel Bunny.

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How The Easter Bunny Got His Tale
        by Linda L. Rigsbee
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