At that moment, Robin Bird flew over them crying excitedly. "He is back! Jesus has come back!

    Ezekiel Bunny stood on his hind feet and peered over the top of the grass. Yes! He could see Jesus coming! He leaped high to get a good look.

    Jesus was walking toward them. The sun peaked from behind the clouds. The flower plants sent out their blooms. The birds sang as they flew over Jesus.

    Finally, Jesus stopped in front of Ezekiel Bunny. "A little bird told me you have been sad."

    "Yes, Jesus," said Ezekiel Bunny. "The sun did not shine while you were away. The flowers hid their blooms from me, and the birds would not sing. Even Mother Hen's eggs would not hatch. Why did your father take you away? Did he know it would cause so many problems for us?

    "I had to go," said Jesus. "I had to pay for all your sins."

    Ezekiel Bunny thumped his foot. "But I did not sin. Why did you make me sad?"

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How The Easter Bunny Got His Tale
        by Linda L. Rigsbee
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