Jesus needed help? Ezekiel Bunny knew what he could do. He picked some flowers and threw them in the nest with the egg shells. Then he twisted some grass to make a handle.

    "I will take some of these colorful eggs to each home. I will tell them how sad we were. Then I will tell them how happy we were when you came back. When we look at these colorful eggs, we will remember. When the sun stays behind the clouds and the flowers hide their blooms, we will not be sad. The eggs will remind us to help you make us happy."

    From that day on, Ezekiel Bunny did not have time to be sad. When the sun was shining, he was busy telling everyone. When the flowers were blooming, he was busy watching, and when the birds sang, he was busy listening. The rest of the time, he was busy making colorful eggs. Every Easter Sunday, he hopped down the trail, taking baskets full of colorful eggs to each house. Soon, everyone called him the Easter Bunny.

That is how the tale of the Easter Bunny began . . . or, as the story goes: 
 That is How The Easter Bunny Got His Tale!

How The Easter Bunny Got His Tale
        by Linda L. Rigsbee
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